Governor is right; act now to stop COVID-19 spread

Robin Bradshaw

“The physicians of Texas greatly appreciate Governor Abbott using the power of his office to warn Texans about the serious, ongoing threat of COVID-19 and to recommend that Texans take proven steps to protect themselves and their neighbors,” states Texas Medical Association (TMA) President Diana L. Fite, MD.

“The governor is right – COVID-19 is now spreading at an unacceptable rate in Texas.

“The governor is right – we should all wash our hands frequently, stay home if we can, wear masks if we go out, and practice social distancing.

“And the governor is right – if we don’t do that now, we face a return to even stricter measures to protect the health of all Texans.

“As a physician, I’ve seen many patients reach that critical moment when the right actions make the difference between recovery or not. Texas is at that critical moment today. The governor told us all what we need to do. Wear a mask, Texas.

“We urge the governor to repeat his message over and over, everywhere he can, to anyone who will listen, through any medium possible.”