Local nursing home houses COVID-19 patients

Staff Writer
Alice Echo News Journal

At least two asymptomatic patients are being housed at Premier of Alice, an assisted living center, according to Jim Wells County Judge Juan Rodriguez.

Tuesday afternoon Judge Rodriguez confirmed that “both patients are asymptomatic” and were being housed at the facility.

Rodriguez said the patients are in isolation, in an isolated wing with a designated staff and a designated ambulance.

The age and genders of the patients are unknown at this time.

Felix Martinez, Licensed Nursing Home Administrator of Premier of Alice, could not comment on the situation.

However, Judge Rodriguez said that the patients are not JWC residents and are being housed at the facility because it is a local facility with the staff and supplies COVID-19 patients need. The patients were tested at a nursing home that was not in the area.

Judge Rodriguez said one of the individuals is nearly recovered.

Rodriguez also said that theses patients do not affect the county’s reported COVID-19 cases because they are not county residents.

According to official numbers, there are nine total reported COVID-19 cases in JWC and all of the individuals have recovered.