Alice Community Ambassadors participate in CDC National "Vaccinate with Confidence" Campaign


Alice Pediatric Clinic joined forces with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) National Campaign “Vaccinate with Confidence” initiative to reinforce confidence in COVID-19 vaccination in the Alice area.

Community ambassadors cutouts help spread COVID-19 vaccination messages. Cutouts include (LtoR) Alice HS drummer Robert Joshua Pena, Alice Police Officer Sgt. Daniel Elizondo, retired Alice ISD and St. Elizabeth School Teacher Fidencio Lerma, Alice City Employee Adolfo Bonilla, Alice Pediatric Clinic Dr. Franz Puyol, Alice Pediatric Clinic Nurse Practitioner Tara Mendietta, Alice Pediatric Clinic Ruby Salazar, Alice Pediatric Clinic Pediatrician Dr. Erik Nisimblat, Alice Fire Chief Patrick Thomas and Alice HS Cheerleader Bria Escobar.
Alice HS Coyote Football Player Ryan Salas
Alice HS Cheerleader Bria Escobar

"We decided to select 'ambassadors' in our community to remind us how essential each one of us are. We printed life size cut outs with the following message: 'The COVID 19 vaccine is essential as you are,'" said Karolina Nisimblat. "Some of our role models includes front line healthcare providers, a city employee, firefighter, police officer, teacher, cheerleader, football player, high school band drummer, just to mention a few."

The “life size” role models will be traveling throughout the community spreading the message of the importance of receiving the vaccine.

"Regardless of what age group, interest, or beliefs… we are all essential.

We are someone’s child, someone’s mother, someone’s father, someone’s aunt, someone’s sibling, ultimately someone’s loved one," Nisimblat said.

Strong confidence in COVID-19 vaccines within communities leads to more people getting vaccinated ― which leads to fewer COVID-19 illnesses, hospitalizations, and deaths, according to the CDC.

Nisimblat asks the community if anyone or any organization, business or entity would like to host them in the community, please call 361-548-7868 to make arrangements.

The nation confirmed over 700,000 lives lost, in one year. For the families of those who died of COVID-19, we want to remind each person that they are essential and their safety should be a priority.

The COVID-19 vaccine provides one more layer of protection for yourself, your family and friends.

Together we can secure a better future for all of us. Get vaccinated!