Interacters sworn in

Melissa Cantu Trevino
Alice Echo News Journal

SAN DIEGO - Twelve San Diego Independent School District students were officially sworn in as the charter members of the Vaquero Interact Club.

Interacters are: Top Row (LtoR) Ayden Galvan, Reyli Cantu, Alexia Soliz, Jenel Trigo, Cameron Garcia, Selina Lopez and Carlos Trevino. Sitting (LtoR) Angelique Saenz, Eloy Cantu, Alejandra Trevino and Aiden Cadena.

The 12 interacters are the first to swear an oath to help their community and the world through service projects as their family watched. The interacters are sponsored by the San Diego Rotary Club. Their managers are Belinda Vera and Lamar Vela.

Interacters are: President - Alexia Soliz, President-Elect - Aiden Cadena, Secretary - Angelique Saenz, Treasurer - Jenel Trigo, Ayden Galvan, Reyli Canty, Cameron Garcia, Selina Lopez, Carlos Trevino, Eloy Cantu and Alejandra Trevino.

After the ceremony, Interacters had a meeting with guest speaker San Diego Mayor Sally Lichtenberger. She is also a Rotarian in the San Diego Rotary Club.

San Diego Mayor Sally Lichtenberger was the guest speaker for the Vaquero Interacters.