Alice firefighters receive new truck from Ranches of Echelon

Melissa Cantu Trevino
Alice Echo News Journal
Ranches of Echelon donated a truck to the Alice Fire Department.

Tuesday afternoon John Crisp, owner of Ranches of Echelon, tuned over the keys to a gray truck to the Alice Fire Department.

"This (truck) is going to be a utility truck for the fire department. There's all kinds of needs that we have any time there's a fire even normal daily operations. We have pieces of equipment that need to be hauled after fires are over with. The long bed of the truck is very beneficial for us as we can carry heavy equipment. It's much needed," said Patrick Thomas, Alice Fire Chief. 

"Ranches of Echelon would simply like to thank to Alice Fire Department for its continued efforts to serve the citizens of Alice and the surrounding area. It is with hope that this new support asset will not only better ensure the safety of the general public but, in addition, improve the effectiveness and safety of those protecting us," said Crisp in a written statement. "We at Ranches of Echelon need to recognize that none of this would have come to be if not for Mr. Rey Escamilla and continued efforts in helping us to understand there was a need. It is with great pleasure that we at Ranch of Echelon find ourselves in a position to be able to help those that run into danger everyday."

City Manager Michael Esparza extended his gratitude to Crisp for his generosity towards the city. 

"For a city of our size, we end up buying fire trucks and equipment that we need, but we forget about some of the things like this (truck) that come in very handy and we just don't have the budget for it. When someone like Mr. Crisp with Ranches of Echelon comes and donates something like this to us, you can't ask for anything more," Esparza said. "It's a very generous gift for our fire department. It's going to come in handy and be well used. It's something we just don't budget for. It'll be put to good use and we appreciate Mr. Crisp doing that for us."

Crisp is a bigger supporter of first responders and for the last three years as hosted a dove hunt at the ranches. He believes in supporting the men and women who serve and protect the community daily.

"We do this and our dove hunt to show our appreciation for protecting our community," Crisp said.