Convicted felon arrested with firearm during traffic stop

Melissa Cantu Trevino
Alice Echo News Journal

Two men were arrested by Alice police on Tuesday, July 21 after a search of their vehicle led to the discovery of drugs and a weapon.

Cpl. Albert Stout was on patrol and conducted a traffic stop on the 2700 block of East Main Street for a routine traffic violation. 

The officer made contact with driver, Michael Barrientez, and passenger, Joel Trevino.

The men were patted down for officer safety when they exited the vehicle.

According to Stout's police report, Barrientez had a pill bottle that contained Xanax and Trevino had a bag of marijuana on their person during the pat down.

Barrientez, a convicted felon, gave the officer consent to search the vehicle. The search led to the discovery of a gun underneath the front passenger seat where Trevino sat as well as nine baggies of cocaine, report stated.

Barrientez also had a warrant out of the City of Alice.

Trevino took ownership of the cocaine and the gun.

The men were arrested and booked into the Jim Wells County jail. Barrientez was charged with possession of a controlled substance, the warrant and felon in possession of firearm. Trevino was charged with possession of a controlled substance, unlawful carry of weapon and possession of marijuana.

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