Two vehicles submerged in flooded creek on North Stadium

Melissa Cantu Trevino
Alice Echo News Journal
Two vehicles were submerged in a creek on North Stadium.

Two vehicles were caught in a flooded creek on North Stadium on Wednesday. 

According to sources, occupants in the black Jeep Renegade and the tan truck were able to get out of the vehicle before it submerged in the water. 

Arielle Silva and her boyfriend were driving down North Stadium in the Jeep Renegade as they looked for a “not so flooded road.”

Silva was unfamiliar with the area and soon found herself and her boyfriend in a scary situation, she said.

”It was deeper than it looked. I tried to turn around but I hit something and lost control,” she said.

Silva’s boyfriend was able to get his window open and, with the help of a woman who happened to be walking in the area, got out as the vehicle floated down the creek. He then helped Silva get out before the vehicle submerged.

First responders are on North Stadium with a vehicle submerged in water.

“It was scary and I was freaking out,” Silva said. “I was trying to call my mom and let her know what was happening and trying to get out at the same time. It was very scary and I couldn’t control my anxiety.”

Two vehicle floated down a flooded creek and came to a stop under a creek on North Stadium.

The man, and sole occupant, in the tan truck was seen by residents on Highland Avenue turn into the creek. He believed it was a road, sources at the scene said.

First responders are actively working on the situation. Waters are receding in the creek and the vehicles were retrieved the following.