Here's how Alice, Jim Wells County are preparing residents for summer storm season

Melissa Cantu Trevino
Alice Echo News Journal
City of Alice and JWC officials work together to provide residents with sandbags. Pictured (LtoR): Alice Police Chief Eden Garcia, City of Alice Maintenance and Construction Superintendent Joe Saenz, City of Alice Municipal Solid Waste Superintendent Robert Guerra, JWC Commissioner Precinct 2 Ventura Garcia, Alice City Manager Michael Esparza, JWC Commissioner Precinct 4 Wicho Gonzalez, City of Alice Director of Public Works Demetrio Duarte, and Alice Emergency Management Coordinator and Fire Chief Patrick Thomas.

A cooperative effort between the City of Alice and the Jim Wells County Commissioners is underway in the event of a disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico.

Recently, city and county officials agreed to work together to prepare sandbags for city and county residents for any weather that may potentially cause damage to homes.

"Everyone in the city and county has a need for sandbags," said Patrick Thomas, Alice Emergency Management Coordinator. "Whether it be a hurricane, rain storm and possible flooding event, residents will need sandbags. For years it's been two separate operations and this year we thought it would be better to work together."

Both entities have different resources that would benefit each other especially during a weather-related event. The agreement will impact more people and benefit everyone.

"The city has the machines, we have the bags and manpower to get this done together," said Commissioner Wicho Gonzalez Precinct 4. "It's a great effort between the city and county."

"It's an ongoing effort. We will build up our stocks so that when they're needed, they are available. During an event, we can pass them out at strategic locations instead of at one location," Thomas said. "Through the partnership we can have multiple locations so people don't have to travel across town to get sandbags."

For more information on possible sandbags for the week or during a weather-related event, call your commissioners at:

  • Commissioner Margie Gonzalez, Precinct 1 - 361-668-5763
  • Commissioner Ventura Garcia Jr., Precinct 2 - 361-668-5704 option 5
  • Commissioner Renee Kirchoff Chapa, Precinct 3 - 361-384-2747
  • Commissioner Wicho Gonzalez, Precinct 4 - 361-348-3213