Kritters for Kids at BGCA


Alice Rotary recently presented and taught the First Kritters for Kids,K4K, to fifth and sixth grade students at the Alice Boys and Girls Club.

BGCA kids take first Kritters for Kids class.

Rotarian Gail Hoffman teaches the class every Monday through the summer.

Alice Rotary Club purchased the books and curriculum and after the kids are back in school in the fall, BGCA will own the books and the curriculum and can maintain the program with their kids in their after school program.

Rotarians purchased Kritters for Kids for BGCA kids.

The curriculum was created by Science teachers and is TEA approved. Students that have participated in the K4K program have improved by as much as 18 points on the state mandated science tests.

"On behalf of our youngsters, staff and board of directors, thank you," said BGCA Executive Director Rick Del Bosque. "Heartfelt. Oh so appreciative."

BGCA staff and kids work on Kritters for Kids.