Alice es Buena Gente: Daniel 'Banner' Moreno

Robin Bradshaw
Alice Echo News Journal

Alice es Buena Gente is a special feature for the month of June to take a step back after a challenging year and honor the everyday people that do big gestures with humble intentions.

A famous quote by Pablo Picasso reads, "The purpose of art is to wash the daily dust off our souls." The creative spark artists give to the world helps people see things in a different way or in ways that may have been forgotten.

Local artist Daniel "Banner" Moreno has helped create an artistic movement by reminding the community about the (good) people around; hence Alice es Buena Gente.

Alice es Buena Gente was a popular campaign from the late 80's that many in the community remember and grew up with that was originally intended to build morale after the oil bust during that time period. Fast forward 30 years the community not only has faced job loss due to the oil industry but as an overall society the nation is polarized by the overload of political information and the continued grief of loved ones lost in response to the global pandemic. 

Daniel 'Banner' Moreno at the Alice Boys and Girls Club

"Art is important to a community because it showcases the culture," local artist and business owner Victoria Dominguez said. "Daniel's contribution to Alice has been to remind us and the local kids in the community that art can take you places. He has made a statement by knocking down barriers by not letting anything get in the way." 

Moreno has given his work to the Boys and Girls Club of Alice in reverence for their support while on his journey and the service it provides to the community. He updated the Collins Cemetery sign where his grandparents lay to rest and like many other entities in the area need to be updated. Through paid endeavors, he has brightened up downtown with the mural at the Wedding Lace Bridal Shop and the food truck park off Highway 44. 

The Alice es Buena Gente mural downtown was painted to remind the community who and what it is and wash some daily dust off the soul of a challenging year. 

This why Daniel 'Banner' Moreno is Alice es Buena Gente. 

Mila Ray Dominguez at the Alice es Buena Gente mural in downtown Alice.