South Texas floral shop inspired by three generations of women

Robin Bradshaw
Alice Echo News Journal
11-year-old Keira Sandoval floral designer at Flowers by Connie Lee

Keira Sandoval is a local 11-year-old following in her grandmother's footsteps with a newfound talent for floral design. Flowers by Connie Lee is a floral shop on Main Street in downtown Alice that opened its doors exactly two years and five months ago.

The floral shop is operated by three generations of women. Owner and grandmother Connie Cortez, her daughter Chelsea Sandoval, granddaughters 11-year-old Keira and six-year-old Aubri Sandoval.

"I was a cashier for most of my life until one day in church I received a message that resonated with me and touched my soul," Cortez said. "The message was that God gives everyone special talents that are meant to be showed off and shared with the world and not to be left unused, so here I am providing floral design and arraignments that I love and it genuinely comes from my heart and soul for my customers." 

Grandma Connie Cortez, 11-year-old Keira Sandoval and 6-year-old Aubri Sandoval.

"The business opened shortly before the pandemic started and because of the local devastation in our community, the floral service was needed due to family members passing away and we stayed busy," Chelsea explained. "Last April, during the height of the pandemic in Alice, we were in and out of funeral homes and both became sick with COVID. I was in the hospital for over a week. Now a year later, we are still busy and being together and working together as a family means everything." 

Keira Sandoval getting into her groove of floral design.

The women create floral designs out of their busy flower shop.  Keira has taken the stage to a level of talent and professionalism that has veterans in the business in awe, the family said.

"The last five months her talent has accelerated she has an eye for color and to be honest she runs circles around me in speed. She can get into her zone and get more done in a day than I can in two," Cortez said.  

"I like to work with my hands and help my grandma," Keira said. "My favorite part of designing the flowers is spending time with my mom and grandma. We turn on the music, get in a groove and I love it." 


Location: 1105 East Main Street Alice, Texas 78332

Contact: (361) 701-2767

Facebook page: Flowers by Connie Lee 

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