Bridging Families


Four children are looking into for a family willing to accept them as a group as they have a strong bond and are extremely attach to one another.

The sibling group is made up of 15-year-old Esperanza, 11-year-old Jose Rutilio, 10-year-old Jose Roberto and Jesus who is 6.

All four children love doing family activities together, especially when the activity involves being outdoors.

15-year-old Esperanza, 11-year-old Jose Rutilio, 10-year-old Jose Roberto and Jesus who is 6 are looking for a family to call their own.

Esperanza is very sweet and shy until she warms up to you. She loves all three of her younger brothers and wants to be in a home together with them. She is also fan of playing soccer, listening to music like Billie Eilish, and watching scary movies.

Jose Rutilio likes to go by “Tillo”.  He is very close with his siblings.  He enjoys spicy food, playing football, and wants to learn how to play drums.

Jose Roberto is a sweet young man who likes to go by “Robert”.  One of his favorite foods is noodles, and he would like to play baseball and like his big sister, soccer.

Jesus is the youngest of the siblings.  He is very sweet and likes to chat.  He enjoy eating Takis, playing soccer, football, baseball, and basketball. The boys love playing video games such as Fortnite and among us.

All the siblings love having animals in the home, and do really well together.

If you think you can be the forever family for this sibling group or another Texas child, please contact the department at 1-800-233-3405, for more information about adoption or visit

Basic Requirements

  • The prospective foster/adoptive parents may be single or married and must:
  • be at least 21 years of age, financially stable, and responsible mature adults,
  • complete an application (staff will assist you, if you prefer),
  • share information regarding their background and lifestyle,
  • provide relative and non-relative references,
  • show proof of marriage and/or divorce (if applicable),
  • agree to a home study which includes visits with all household members,
  • allow staff to complete a criminal history background check and an abuse/neglect check on all adults in the household, and
  • attend free training to learn about issues of abused and neglected children.