BT Church in Alice finds new home to establish roots

Melissa Cantu Trevino
Alice Echo News Journal

Bouncing around from place to place has been a challenge for one Alice church. However, BT Church, also known as Baptist Temple Church, has found a permanent home, a place to establish its roots.

“Each step of the way has had it challenges, but this is our permanent home,” said Pastor Mathew “Mat” Moreno. “Now that we have a permanent home this will give people a sense of we're staying here.”

BT Church is now located on 77 North Adams in the old First Presbyterian Church. They recently had a soft opening service to test the waters before their grand opening set for June 20, Father's Day.

“We felt that fresh wind, fresh fire go through the whole congregation. This is home,” Moreno said.

BT Church has a soft opening on June 6 at the new home.

Three years ago Moreno had a conversation with Chris DuPree, about having a church in Alice.

“It's been around for 33 years in McAllen, where it started...(DuPree) came to me and was (like) 'Hey, we want to do something in Alice.'” We jumped on board and came on. Since then, we've been rocking and rolling,” Moreno said. “We will celebrate three years in July and so over that time we were in people's house, at Coastal Bend College Alice, at the Boys and Girls Club on Sunday nights, and the armory.”

After months of construction and remodeling the church was ready to open. There's services of all kinds and for every member. Services are  at 9:30 a.m. and 11 a.m. on Sundays.

Moreno and Gracie Perez, a member, welcome everyone to attend services to fellowship in the Gospel and to be among fellow believers. They also welcome those looking for a home church and connect with people and Jesus Christ.

BT Church located at 77 N. Adams in Alice.

“We're pouring God into people, to experience Jesus and see Jesus. That's what drives BT Church:  to transform lives and making sure people know the Bible,” Moreno said. “ I wholeheartedly believe that your household is your first church, but there is something about being connected to the body of Jesus Christ that only happens when you're in fellowship. There is a certain power of God that comes through. There's the community aspect that you get.”

BT Church is a family, not through relation, but through the faith and blood of Jesus Christ.

“You have to have a community to have fellow believers and mentors who help you when you're in need. We have counseling services. Learn more and fellowship and know that I can call on a member that is close to me for prayer,” Perez said. “You're being cared for. I'm really praying for you, but I'm also going to pick you up.”

BT Church's Sanctuary

Church members have been spreading the Gospel since they began. They've joined in community events to spread the message and pray for people.

“The Gospel doesn't stop here. We present it here, but it doesn't stop here. It's the church's job to go out and spread the Gospel into the community,” Moreno said. “God's not done in Alice. It's just the beginning...God hasn't forgotten them. There's a purpose for your life. Other churches here in Alice are doing great things.”

BT Church has a total of four campuses: McAllen, Sharyland, Edinburg and Alice. To learn more about the church and its locations go to  the church Facebook page or online at BT Church.