Alice es Buena Gente - Rick Del Bosque

Robin Bradshaw
Alice Echo News Journal

Alice es Buena Gente is a special feature for the month of June to take a step back after a challenging year and honor the everyday people that do big gestures with humble intentions.

That is why Rick Del Bosque is Buena Gente. 

It's safe to say that Rick Del Bosque's name has come up over and over again with wide-ranged stories with comments of community love and support in his honor. Bosque has worked at the Boys and Girls of Alice for more than 30 years and has contributed to generations of kids that are better because his life touched theirs. 

Rick Del Bosque es Buena Gente

"Rick has always been about the youth," Artist Daniel "Banner" Moreno said. "He knows when kids are at the Boys and Girls Club, they aren't on the streets. He was there for me when I was kid. He's there for kids now and there is not enough nice things I can say about that man. He is a great great man." 

"My son loves Rick," said Tiffany Arredondo. "My son, Zacharias Carrizales, attends the Boys and Girls Club and Rick has been an instrumental positive force in his life." 

Bosque is a "club product," that's what he calls himself. He started attending the club at the age of eight. Through the years at the club he found mentors who inspired him to find his passion - community service.

He knows that not all kids make wise choices and he’s seen it first hand, but for every one of those children who have made a wrong choice in life he sees three that have taken what they’ve learned at the club and turn into a successful life.

Del Bosque doesn’t measure success by the money in the bank. He measures it by continued education, when he sees a kid at the store and they light up at the sight of you or any member of the club.

He knows that the success of the club is due to a partnership; a partnership of a strong working board, parents, volunteers, team members and the kids themselves.

Between himself and everyone who helps at the BGCA he knows it's making a difference especially through sports.

"Rick helps me with baseball. He has helped me become a better player. He gives us support and starbursts," Carrizales said.

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Alice es Buena Gente