Monumental day for joined efforts to improve Lake Findley

Robin Bradshaw
Alice Echo News Journal

Thursday, June 3, was a monumental day for efforts to improve Lake Findley in Alice. The non-profit Alice Green Alliance (AGA), the Texas Parks and Wildlife, and the City of Alice joined efforts to supply broodstock catfish and grass-eating carp to improve the ecosystem and combat the excessive star grass and algae before the hot summer months multiply the issue. 

A cleanup project for the lake, that started last summer by Daniel Benavides, has evolved to a non-profit organization AGA with partner Charlie Bazan, partnerships with the Texas Parks and Wildlife, and support from the City of Alice. 

On June 3, Texas Parks and Wildlife, the non-profit Alice Green Alliance and the City of Alice supplied Lake Findley with over 100 broodstock catfish and grass-eating carp.

"This is the fruition of deep commitment to our community," Bazan said. "AGA has been working on this for a year and the collaboration is vital. One domino tips and others fall, sometimes it just takes one person to cause a reaction and that's exactly what happened. Everyone involved is so happy to contribute and I know the effects will be long reaching to our community, our city and our kids." 

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"The supplied carp was the recommendation from the TPWD," said Demetrio Duarte, Alice Water Management Director. "The city was advised it was the best option to reduce the excessive growth of the algae and stargrass instead of chemicals especially since it is the area's water supply. With that being said, we are asking the community to not fish the carp and if one is caught to please throw it back due to the current needs the carp fish is providing to the lake's ecosystem."

The grass-eating carp supplied to Lake Findley on June, 3.

The lake has seen more families use the property for recreational projects since the cleaning process began. AGA has had "success" through the partnerships with other organizations throughout the city. 

"This is a great opportunity for Lake Findley, the elder broodstock catfish are being stocked for two reasons. One is for reproduction purposes to reestablish a self-sustaining environment and and the second is for community anglers to catch trophy-sized catfish," said Greg Binion, TPWD District Supervisor. "I have worked for TPWD for over 13 years and I have never seen a grant project support this amount of catfish for one lake it really is a very unique opportunity. The TPWD is excited about the partnership with the city and the grassroots AGA and we look forward to providing more recreation at the lake and help create a better Lake Findley." 

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Texas Parks and Wildlife officials at Lake Findley in Alice restock catfish.
Texas Parks And Wildlife with 100 broodstock catfish for Lake Findley.

To keep track of the AGA's progress with Lake Findley, visit their Facebook site.