Orange Grove police chief resigns, city council appoints interim chief

Melissa Cantu Trevino
Alice Echo News Journal

ORANGE GROVE - Effective Tuesday, June 1, Orange Grove Police Chief Roy Lee Guerrero resigned from the force and the city council appointed an interim police chief during a special city council meeting.

Orange Grove Police Chief Roy Lee Guerrero resigns from his duties effective Tuesday, June 1.

As per attorney advice, Guerrero said he could not disclose anything about the reason for his resignation, but did say Orange Grove City Attorney and Guerrero's CLEAT Attorney agreed on a contract, that he later signed, to resign from the department.

After a short executive session, the council appointed Hector Valverde as the city's interim police chief.

Orange Grove city council appointed Hector Valverde as the city's interim police chief.

"After our discussion in closed chambers, we have decided to (appoint) Hector Valverde as our interim chief. Folks we want you to understand (Valverde) is only an interim chief and we will go through the process of hiring and everybody out there is eligible to (apply)," said Mayor Carl Srp. "He has seniority and the most law enforcement experience. We felt (he) was the best choice for interim chief at this time."

Valverde has a total of 31 years of experience in law enforcement and has been with the department for about two and a half years. Valverde works as a school resource officer with the department

He is ready to work hard for the betterment of the community while moving the community and department forward, Valverde said shortly after being appointed to the position. 

Mayor Srp said they will advertise in the local papers and online to find the next chief of police for Orange Grove.

Guerrero's resignation follows an investigation by the city attorney into his actions in April. He was accused of assaulting a 16-year-old boy while working off-duty at an apartment complex in the City of Alice. 

He has a court appearance on June 21 at the Alice Municipal Court.

The City of Orange Grove was conducting an administrative investigation of a possible policy violation when Chief Guerrero announced his resignation before the investigation was concluded. There has been no conclusion or determination of wrongdoing.