Three of Alice ISD campuses closing at the end of 2020-21 school year

Melissa Cantu Trevino
Alice Echo News Journal

Alice Independent School District school board trustees recently voted to close three campuses effective at the end of 2020 - 2021 school year.

Alice ISD

The three campuses are Hillcrest Elementary, Salazar Elementary and Memorial Intermediate. The campuses are the oldest school buildings in the district, according to Anna Holgreen, executive director of Human Resources.

Holmgreen gave a presentation to parents and the community recently online. The presentation was part of the district transitions given throughout the year.

Hillcrest Elementary was built in 1963, Salazar Elementary was built in 1954 and Memorial Intermediate was built in 1958. These campuses have served the district well for 58-67 years.

The closures followed the May 4, 2019 elections where voters of Alice ISD approved a referendum for broad sweeping improvements at Alice ISD schools for $20,790,000.

The funds addressed capacity challenges districtwide and enabled the district to achieve better utilization of existing facilities as will as addressing ongoing roofing issues at Alice High School, Holmgreen said.

Closing the older facilities will allow all students who attend Alice ISD to attend schools built after 2003.

“As we realign the campuses, we can be more efficient with newer and fewer buildings and offer all of our pre-k through eighth grade students a learning environment built after 2003. Current elementary enrollment ranges from 211 to 506,” Holmgreen said. “The new alignment will help more evenly distribute the population and will also help with state accountability as elementary campuses will be a (third through fifth grade) structure for state testing and middle school with be a (sixth through eighth grade) structure. Through this restructure we are able to offer additional classes such as art for our elementary students and more electives for our middle school.”

Because of the 2019 bond, Noonan, Saenz, Schallert and Dubose will be elementary campuses, William Adams Middle School will be middle school and the Alice HS will remain with students ninth through 12th grade, she said.

Construction at Noonan, Saenz, Schallert included gyms at all locations, four classroom additions and additional parking. Dubose construction plans included six classrooms with restrooms and a playground. WAMS construction included 16 additional classrooms including reading room, art room, special education facilities, and additional girls' and boys' restrooms.

“We currently have a span of over 295 difference between campuses,” Holmgreen said.

Enrollment ranges for elementary campuses for the next five school years are:

  • 2021-22 553-620 students
  • 2022-23 563-611 students
  • 2023-24 568-593 students
  • 2024-25 541-579 students
  • 2025-26 546-565 students

Enrollment projection for WAMS for the 2021-22 school year is a total of 1,074.

  • 6th grade – 343
  • 7th grade – 385
  • 8th grade – 346

Letters were to have been mailed to parents to notify them about their child's school campus for the next school year. If anyone would like to check their child's school or the boundaries for Alice ISD campuses can do so at the following links: