Teen of the Week - Saenz


Maylynn Saenz

Parents: Jesse and Mia Saenz

Maylynn Saenz

Education and future plans:

I will be attending Schreiner University in the fall to continue my softball career and major in nursing. I plan on getting BSN and then jumping over to the Nurse Practitioner Program!

Clubs and officer positions:

HOSA Secretary, Junior class president, Senior class president, ECHS member x4 years, Varsity Softball x4 years

Accomplishments and Honors:

2017 All Academic All District, 2017 Honorable Mention Catcher All district, 2018 Second Team All District, 2018 All Academic All District, Junior Volunteer Spohn Certificate, Corpus Christi Caller Times Athlete of the Week, 2018 RGV Bombers Defensive player, 2021 Bi-District Softball Champs

What was the best advice you ever received, who did you receive this from?

The best advice I ever received was from my travel coach Abel Montilla, “work hard now and do what you need to do but never forget to bring it back to where you started.”

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years I see myself still in school getting my degree, while working full time to provide for myself.

If you could change anything about this world what would it be and why?

If I could change anything about this world I would change the way people treat each other. Love each other, and treat people with respect.

If you could invite 3 people to dinner.

The first person I would invite would be Bad Bunny, because I love his music. I would also invite Megan Willis (softball player) because I was able to attend her camp one summer and gained so much knowledge about the sport and sportsmanship. Last but not least, Mr. Marin Perez because he was my freshman English teacher. He set the tone to high school, and always tried to help every student whether they were in his class or not. He will forever be missed.


Food- Sushi

Book- Wonder

Movie- The Blind Side

Town in Texas- Kerrville, Texas

Vacation spot- Frio River

Editor's Note: Teen of the Week is nominated by Alice ISD faculty and is selected by an Alice ISD faculty review committee. In the years past this recognition meant a chance to receive a scholarship from the Alice Echo - News Journal. However, due to the coronavirus and changes made to the Alice Echo - News Journal the scholarship is unavailable this year.