House Bill 628 doesn't move in legislation. What does that mean for Alice?

Robin Bradshaw
Alice Echo News Journal
Coastal Bend College in Alice, Texas.

House Bill 628 requests a change in the jurisdiction for higher education to have Del Mar College replace Coastal Bend College in the City of Alice 

The recent push by Jim Wells County and City of Alice leaders to replace Coastal Bend College with Del Mar College in Alice did not move forward at the May legislative session. The Senate Committees on Education and Higher Education did not vote for House Bill 628. 

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County and city leaders signed resolutions for the request and hoped that legislation would vote for better education and employment advances for the Jim Wells County area.

"At this time there seems to be no movement on this legislation. Jim Wells County will remain in Coastal Bend College service area," said Bernard Saenz, CBC director of marketing and public relations. "We are currently reviewing opportunities to ensure we build those relationships and be of service where we can. It will be important to work with community leaders to understand how we can provide services to assist those communities to be economically vibrant by providing training and educating the workforce. I am excited by the possibilities we will have as we move forward,"

"Honestly, it's disheartening that both governing bodies agreed to a unanimous resolution to advance its representatives for higher-level education to Del Mar and then be denied by politicians that do not live in our county," JWC Economic Director Larry Martinez said. "I, however, want to thank Senator Hinojosa for working with our elected officials on this effort."

"Our students and workforce should demand more training and educational opportunities to assist them in developing better skillsets for better-paying jobs which helps us attract new companies and industries that will locate here. Now with the decision in hand, I intend to invite everyone to the table to discuss ways on how we can move forward and create these opportunities and not just talk about it, because the status quo and what we are currently doing- is not working," Martinez added.

Larry Martinez, Jim Wells County Economic Development Director