Alice Police Chief and Agua Dulce City Marshal enter MOU for the safety of the communities

Melissa Cantu Trevino
Alice Echo News Journal
Alice Police Department's Chief of Police Eden Garcia and Agua Dulce City Marshal Joe Martinez entered into a memorandum of understanding Friday.

Alice Police Chief Eden Garcia and Agua Dulce City Marshal Joe Martinez signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)on Friday, May 14.

The MOU is to provide mutual assistance between the two entities. 

"We now have the ability to work together to provide and share resources so when the marshal's office needs additional resources, we are able to send manpower to help with investigations or any type of law enforcement related activities that happen in Agua Dulce," Chief Garcia said. 

"One of the most important things is LeadsOnline. We have a lot of burglaries in Agua Dulce and the stolen property end up at the Alice pawn shops. If I call the chief and send a report of the items that were stolen, he and his men can put it in the system of the items. The moment the stolen property hits the pawn shop, the department would get an alert. We complete the investigation," said City Marshal Martinez. "With more resources, we can work together and make our jobs easier. If the Alice PD has a warrant roundup, they can count on us to make the arrest."

The two entities are separated by county lines, but they do work together on occasion. However, the MOU is a written agreement of work that gets rid of the boundaries, Martinez said.

"Alice police can be in the Agua Dulce area and help prevent crime or investigate a crime in progress. Better for the communities of Alice and Agua Dulce to be proactive rather than be reactive," Chief Garcia said.  

Martinez said this MOU will send a message to criminals that just because there's a county line that the Alice officer can make an arrest in Agua Dulce and vice-versa. 

The goals of law enforcement entities are to link together to benefit the citizens.