CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital Alice celebrates Nurse of the Year, Daisy Award nominees, winners

Melissa Cantu Trevino
Alice Echo News Journal

This passed year has been especially hard for anyone in the medical field. They have had to care for patients like never before and many of these patients have been alone in a nurses care due to the coronavirus and the safety guidelines in place.

Nurses have taken on roles they never expected. Nurses became family and friends for those who visited the hospital for any health issue.

On Wednesday, May 12, CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital Alice celebrated its nurses by announcing the latest Nurse of the Year and the Daisy and Sunshine Award recipients.

The event was hosted by CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital Alice President Rick Morin and Margot Rios, Chief Nursing Officer of CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital Alice.

Aissa Jasso earned the 2021 Nurse of the Year with her life saving actions for a patient that had been discharged from her care. This patient had been at home for several days before she received a phone call from the patient's friend who needed help to save his friend.

Jasso was told by the prior patient's friend that he needed to know how to help his friend. Jasso's patient had been home for four days and was supposed to be under the care of family, said Rios. 

However, the patient had not received the tube feedings, water or medicines that the doctors had prescribed. The friend asked Jasso to teach him how to care for his friend. 

Due to her training, she knew the treatment the patient needed. After asking questions about the patient and his care, Jasso called emergency personnel to conduct a wellness check, Rios said.

Later in the day, Jasso was informed by police that her former patient was in serious need of medical attention. First responders sent Jasso's former patient to the hospital where he got the treatment he needed.

She provided medical care for a patient that she had already discharged. 

"Aissa exemplified what a CHRISTUS Spohn nurse would do. She continued to be an advocate for the patient even though he had been discharged from the facility because of her superior assessment skills, her questioning attitude, her strong decision-making, and the time it took her to research all this information, the patient then received the care they were suppose to receive," Rios said

Jasso has been an asset to the hospital during COVID-19 by providing ideas to help everyone stay safe and to give the patients the care they needed. 

Jasso also received the Daisy Award. 

The Daisy Award for Extraordinary Nurses is an international recognition program for nurses. It was created in 1999 by the family of J. Patrick Barnes to honor the super-human work that nurses perform for patients and patients’ families each day. More than 4,300 healthcare facilities and nursing schools across all 50 states and an additional 27 countries honor nurses with The Daisy Award.

Other Daisy Award winners were Lisa Palacios, Velma Longoria, Sommer Ortiz, Veronica Garcia, Dr. Qi Tian, Dee Davis, Anabel Perez, Olga Ramirez, Jannet Coy, Marisa Rangel and Wendy Romo.

Similarly, The Sunshine Award recognizes and honors the compassion, joy and aptitude displayed by CHRISTUS Spohn Support Associates every day.

This year's Sunshine Award went to Sylvia Gutierrez. Gutierrez is a pharmacist in the hospital and provides medicine to nurses and doctors for the patients.

Alice Mayor Cynthia Carrasco was also on had to proclaim May as nursing month.

Pictured (LtoR): Margot Rios, Chief Nursing Officer, Daisy Award Winner Lisa Palacios, Nurse of the Year Aissa Jasso, Daisy Award Winner Velma Longoria, and CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital Alice President Richard Morin.
Pictured (LtoR): CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital Alice President Rick Morin, Sunshine Award winner Sylvia Gutierrez and Margot Rios, Chief Nursing Officer.
CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital Alice staff with Daisy Winners Lisa Palacios, Nurse of the Year Aissa Jasso, Daisy Award Winner Velma Longoria.