When a fire erupts Jim Wells County is now a little safer: Here's what's to know.

Robin Bradshaw
Alice Echo News Journal

Jim Wells County leaders came together and welcomed the new fire truck to the Ben Bolt Volunteer Fire Department on Tuesday, May 4. The fire truck holds a 2,000-gallon of water in its' stainless steel water tank to support the rural areas when an emergency arises. 

"The 2010 Kenworth is totally refurbished and was purchased for $109,000 during the end of last year's budget," stated Commissioner Wicho Gonzalez. "This purchase has been a team effort with the unity and help of all the county commissioners, Sheriff (Daniel) Bueno and Fire Chief Patrick Thomas." 

This new fire truck is part of a series of fleet purchases the county has decided to budget for per county precinct.

Jim Wells County leaders united to welcome the Volunteer  Fire Dept. of Ben Bolt and surrounding areas the newly purchased fire truck.  
(L-R) Assistant Fire Chief Steve Roberson, JWC Water Manager Toby Flores, Commissioner Renee Kirchoff Chapa, Fire Chief Patrick Thomas, Sheriff Daniel Bueno, County Judge Juan Rodriguez, Commissioner Ventura Garcia, Commissioner Margie Gonzalez, County Attorney Micheal Guerra and Commissioner Wicho Gonzalez.

"The goal is to have the needed fleet in each county area, For example, if Ben Bolt has a massive fire it is not feasible to have the fire volunteer department wait for water from Alice or Premont," County Judge Rodriguez said. "The next fleet purchase will be for Orange Grove Fire Department with the ultimate plan to create a strong safety approach for each precinct and also with unity for them to help each other." 

"Due to the dry weather patterns, Jim Wells County has faced an increase in fires this past year," Chief Thomas said. "To be honest the fire department is still in need of a pumper fire truck for Ben Bolt and an updated fleet in other area fire departments. This is definitely a step in the right direction. The fire department is extremely thankful for all the county commissioner's help as the county moves forward to a safer community with the funds available to accommodate."  

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