Alice High School alumna makes an impact through filmmaking


PALO ALTO, CA — The pandemic has pressed many to rethink their priorities and sometimes their careers. For Alice High School alumna, Annette (Cristan) King, it was an opportunity to do something meaningful in a time of crisis.

King spent the last 12 months interviewing people around the world via Zoom to understand how people from different cultures and socio-economic backgrounds are dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. Her findings sparked a documentary film project called Unmasked, which reveals unsung heroes confronting social issues the pandemic has exacerbated such as poverty, food insecurity, and barriers to education and healthcare.

Annette (Cristan) King, Alice HS alumna, films a documentary on the effects of COVID-19.

Unmasked spotlights people who make a difference in their communities despite the challenges they face. Over 80 million people around the world live in extreme poverty and the pandemic is pushing this number to 115 million. The statistics are staggering and illustrate the urgency with which these issues need to be addressed.

“The docu-series is intended to inspire a global audience to make an impact and address pressing issues in their own communities,” King said.

King is a startup founder, entrepreneur and producer. She founded Splicer Films with the intention of telling authentic and impactful stories through documentary films, and sharing them with the world.  She holds a Bachelor of Journalism from The University of Texas at Austin and a Master in Business Administration from Florida Atlantic University. She is a self-proclaimed displaced “Texican” living between Florida and California. 

Recently, the documentary was a “Featured Project” on Kickstarter, an app that helps creators fundraise to bring their projects to life. Fellow Alice High School classmate, Andres Elizondo II, was inspired by the project’s mission to make an impact, and pledged to sponsor the pilot episode as an Executive Producer.

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