New street sign project in Ben Bolt: Here's what to know.

Robin Bradshaw
Alice Echo News Journal
County Commissioner Wicho Gonzalez, Foreman David Ruiz, Ernesto Morales and Jacob Salinas installing 70 new street signs in Ben Bolt, Texas.

BEN BOLT - Ben Bolt residents will see nearly 70 new street signs installed in the next few days.

County Commissioner Wicho Gonzalez stated the lack of signs in the area has become a safety issue when emergencies arise involving emergency medical services (EMS) or the fire department. 

"In Ben Bolt, it's normal to hear directions given by landmarks at the yellow house on the left make a right at the blue house on the corner take a left," Gonzalez said jokingly. "Many of our streets do not have any signs at all and the ones that are up are old and need to be replaced."

Ben Bolt residents will soon see new street signs throughout the community.

Another issue the project will address is the area county roads that are private roads that have multiple home dwellings without an address located to each dwelling. For safety purposes, each of these homes will all have a specific number to differentiate in case of an emergency. 

"This project is well overdue and I am glad it's providing additional safety in case of emergency for area residents and hopefully a better sense of direction for visitors," Gonzalez added. 

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