Chief: convicted felon accused of sexual assault, assaults officers

Melissa Cantu Trevino
Alice Echo News Journal

A convicted felon was recently arrested by Alice police in connection with a sexual assault.

Rolando Hernandez, 48, has been convicted twice for sexual assault and has done prison time, said Alice Police Chief Eden Garcia.


Sgt. Juan Martinez said Hernandez was accused of violating a woman at his home on the 600 block of Ida Street.

The victim and her boyfriend were staying at Hernandez's home when the victim fell asleep on the couch. When the boyfriend entered the living room, he observed Hernandez naked on top of the woman, Sgt. Martinez said.

The couple left the residence and called police to report Hernandez's actions.

After an investigation, a warrant was issued and police went to Hernandez's residence on Tuesday, April 20 to pick him up. When police arrived at the residence, they made contact with Hernandez who was uncooperative. Police entered the residence and Hernandez fought them as they attempted to detain him. 

Hernandez was eventually handcuffed and transported to the Jim Wells County jail. On the way to the jail, Hernandez kicked the police unit's window. At the jail, correctional officers put Hernandez in restraints for safety. He was then taken to the hospital for medical clearance for a cut he had on his face. Medical personnel treated the cut and he was taken back to the jail. 

Hernandez was charged with the sexual assault warrant. He was also charged with three counts of assault on peace officer, resisting arrest, criminal mischief and a prorole violation.