COVID-19 vaccination statistics for JWC: Here's what to know.

Robin Bradshaw
Alice Echo News Journal

Emergency Management Coordinator Patrick Thomas presented the Alice City Council with Jim Wells County statistics involving the coronavirus (COVID-19) and vaccination rates during the routinely scheduled city council meeting on Tuesday, April 20. 

South Texas resident Artemio Villarreal received his Phizer COVID-19 vaccine at REAL INC. in Alice, Texas.

"I think we are still in this pandemic and precautions should be taken, but I do see some light at the end of the tunnel," Thomas said. "After consulting with Dr. Erik Nisimblat, the last trend of higher positive cases have been in younger children. I think a challenge and concern residents need to consider is the fact that children under 16 years of age are not vaccinated. As parents go out to events to try to get back to a sense of normal they are potentially putting the children at harm."  

JWC Statistics: 

  • Total allocated vaccinations for JWC: 33,085
  • Total vaccinations administered for JWC: 26,249
  • Total JWC population vaccinated with at least one dose 15,075 equals 45.44 %
  • Total JWC population fully vaccinated 11,835 equals 29.10 % 
  • JWC positivity rate is .01 %
  • Hospitalization rate 3.91 % 

A vaccinated breakdown for county age group:

  • 16-49: 4,057
  • 50-64: 3,790
  • 65-79: 3,200
  • 80+: 788


The large vaccination site at the Jim Wells County fairgrounds has moved to the CHRISTUS Alice drive-thru due to fewer people attending the bigger vaccinations and with more people now vaccinated.

The homebound program has started for residents unable to attend the vaccination site residents the number to call is 361-668-7267 to be vaccinated at home.