Sweden Ranch donates $60K to a Duval County Emergency Services District


The Sweden Ranch, for the second year, has donated $60,000 to the Duval County Emergency Services, District Two, to offset the District’s emergency ambulance expenditures.

These ambulances and the quick-response rescue truck were all donated to the District and are currently in use in Duval County.

Bradford Wyatt, President of the District, announced the grant and stated, “During the current pandemic, the Duval County community and the Emergency Services District are most grateful to the Sweden Ranch, and to Jeff Hildebrand, for their support of the ambulance services by providing these funds for additional hours of service.”

Over the past two years, the Sweden Ranch has awarded a total amount of $120,000 to partially-fund additional ambulance hours, which allows for two ambulances to be in service for longer hours.

“This has become a critical need of late. Unfortunately, as an example, the ambulance medics have waited with patients for over three hours at the hospital in Alice for an emergency department treatment room to become available. Not being able to leave the attended patient during this time results in an ambulance being out of service for over five hours," Wyatt stated.

District Chief Juan Antonio Garcia stated the grant allows the second ambulance to remain available for emergency calls during these critical times.

The District Chief stated, “We are very thankful for this Sweden Ranch grant; and, I must also thank the other ranches that have contributed donations or grants, such as La India Ranch of Realitos, LRG Ranch of La Sejita, and Wyatt Ranches.”

These ranches have generously contributed funds for the ambulance services and fire rescue equipment.

“These donations are invaluable, and the Sweden Ranch has greatly assisted us with offsetting the ambulance expenditures,” said Board Vice President Jorge “George” Gonzalez, one of the District’s commissioners.

District Chief Garcia added, “Wyatt Ranches has donated four modular ambulances to the District, one quick-response rescue truck, and also made up for the ambulance budget shortfalls back in 2018, when revenues were much less.”

It is immediately apparent that these grants have greatly helped the Emergency Services District and all of Duval County.

The Board of Commissioners for the Duval County Emergency Services, District Two, all expressed their gratitude. These commissioners serve as unpaid, volunteer board members, and they meet monthly to oversee the District’s emergency services. The current board, appointed by the Duval County Commissioners Court, includes: Luis Roberto “Beto” Garza, Commissioner; Jorge “George” Gonzalez, Commissioner, Vice President and Treasurer; Elva Rivera, Commissioner and Board Secretary; Jose “Joe” Salinas, Jr., Commissioner; and Bradford A. “Brad” Wyatt, Commissioner and President.