Maldonado-Bowen runs for Alice City Council place 3


Sandra Maldonado-Bowen

Sandra Maldonado-Bowen

Bowen is the City of Alice incumbent for City Council place 3. 

She is currently serving on the city council as the representative for city council place 3.

Why do you feel it's important to run for this position? What are your qualifications?

I feel it is important to run for this position because we need to have people in the right places who are willing and dedicated to work hard for the betterment of our City. We need leadership that will assure that our community will have the necessities to thrive in life such as economic stability, law and order, education, health, clean water, sewer, safe roads, policies that are made and maintained, quality of life, and so much more. We need a council that can research and evaluate information it receives from City Administration and that has some knowledge of City Government, infrastructure, the ins and outs of basic business. One who is willing to make those difficult decisions for all not just for one. Let us remember everything your council member does in chambers and outside of the chambers is a lasting impact on our City. I will be that person who will continue to hold these traits and many more as one of my upmost priority; therefore, I find it important for me to continue being your CIty of Alice Councilwoman place 3 for a second term to keep us moving forward on a positive track.

I am qualified for this position because I have integrity, willingness to learn, confidence, dedication to our City, approachable, accessible, and have gained an abundance of experience and knowledge while working in basic businesses such as human resources, accounting, oil and gas, civil engineering, and surveying and most importantly active and involved in our community which brings "us" (Citizens of Alice and our Local Government) closer together. This representation is vital to knowing what my constituent's needs are and how I can better understand where our focus should be based.

What do you want voters to know about yourself?

I would like our voters to know that I am a God loving person. Born in Chicago, IL and while I was still a youngster my parents Robert "Beto" and Lorraine Maldonado drove me along with my eight siblings here to plant our roots. I attended school here and graduated from Alice High School in 1987, married a hometown boy, Bruce Bowen and raised three respectful and loving children (Amanda Garza, Christopher Bowen, and Nicole Garza). We have been blessed with eight grandchildren who fill our hearts. I have been volunteering in my community since our children started school. Till this day I am active and involved in organizations that have a great impact on our Community. People who know me know I do not hesitate to raise my hand to help where help is needed. I have always been interested in politics since I was little. I attended and watched the city council proceedings when I was not in office for several years. I watched and learned, and when I felt I could do a better job representing Alice and use my knowledge to best of my ability to make Alice proud and find stability within our City government. Win or lose I will continue to give back to our City and be the person God called me to be.

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