Benavides in the race for Alice Mayor


Daniel Benavides 

Benavides is running to be the next mayor of Alice in the May 1st Election. He has not held a seat on city council.

Daniel Benavides

Why do you feel it's important to run for this position?

The mayor's seat is an extremely important position and platform. This seat reflects the heart of its community. This leadership is seen by all and is an incredible example for the youth in Alice. You never know the potential to change the trajectory of someones life, especially someone young in this city. Leading by example is necessary. 

What are your qualifications?

I'm a local business owner. 

I'm a community advocate, taking a proactive approach when natural disasters are on the horizon and actively participating in assisting during crisis.

I've organized and created a nonprofit to benefit our community and its youth.

I've already actively worked with local government to forward community issues.

What do you want to voters to know about yourself?

I grew up in Alice, I walked the halls of the old Noonan Elementary, I played little league baseball at the fields on Lincoln and practiced in an old dirt lot in Rancho Alegre. My mother had her work cut out for her, life wasn’t easy but she always made the best of what we had. It didn’t matter where we were in life, being grateful, respectful, and generous was definitely something she always impressed on us. My stepfather taught me what true patience and open-heartedness was, he was always helping others and I was usually right there beside him. My father worked in the oilfield and tried his best to provide for me. I’ve seen him struggle with the unpredictability my whole life, when things were good, they were great, when they were bad he made sacrifices. 

I’m very thankful for the life I have. I have been given many opportunities and I feel the most recent opportunity has been one that says “Give back to the city that helped build you into the man you are today." As I stand before you now I hope to establish and re-establish relationships for our city, to be the catalyst for collaboration, so that Alice can begin to create a better narrative and local governmental body that reflects the community values. 

As we slowly recover from the devastations of Covid-19, a historic freeze, and of course the years long fallout of our most precious industry, the oilfield, we start to look forward and begin reimagining a prosperous Alice. We ask ourselves, “what does a attractive city look like?” By working closely and collectively with our city manager, city council, Chamber of Commerce, and the economic development director, we can create a comprehensive and strategic plan. One that will benefit the entire community.

As we’ve stood together in crisis after crisis in this dramatically transforming world, we look to not just one person for innovation but each other, we can have powerful prosperity when we commit to putting our community first. 

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