Sheriff's interdiction team nets over $200k and meth in separate traffic stops

Melissa Cantu Trevino
Alice Echo News Journal

Deputies with the Jim Wells County Sheriff's Criminal Interdiction Team have seized $212,995 and 8.1 grams of meth during three separate traffic stops.

On Monday, April 12, a deputy with the JWC Criminal Interdiction team conducted a traffic stop on State Highway 281 north of Alice. During the course of the roadside interview, the deputy located 12 duct taped packages concealed within the vehicle. The packages contained $184,995 in United States currency. Jose Maria Gonzalez Garibay, 36, was booked into the JWC jail. He was charged with money laundering. 

Jose Maria Gonzalez Garibay
$184,995 currency seizure on April 12 by the JWC Criminal Interdiction Team.

Shortly after the arrest of Garibay, the deputy conducted a second traffic stop on State Highway 281 north of Alice. The deputy made contact with the driver, 33-year-old Joseph Ryan Moeller. The deputy contacted a probable cause search with the K9. The K9 officer alerted the deputy to the presence of narcotics. During a search of the vehicle, deputies located 8.1 grams of meth along with two urine devices. The urine devices are used to "falsify drug tests," said Sheriff Daniel Bueno. Moeller was transported to the JWC jail where he was charged with possession of a controlled substance and false drug test falsification device.

Joseph Ryan Moeller
8.1 grams of Methamphetamine April 12 seized during traffic stop on April 8.

On Thursday, April 8, the JWC deputy contacted a traffic stop north of Premont on State Highway 281. The deputy made contact with the driver, later identified as Jorge Castillo, a woman and a child under the age of 10. Through the course of the investigation, the deputy became suspicious and asked for consent to search the vehicle. The search led to the discovery of $28,000 in cash. The woman and child were released. Officer seized cash and took the driver into custody.  He was charged with money laundering.

$28,000 currency seizure on April 8 by the JWC Criminal Interdiction Team.

Source: JWC Sheriff Daniel Bueno