South Texas veteran needs public's help In search for father's WWII military friend

Melissa Cantu Trevino
Alice Echo News Journal

As time passes on we sometimes lose contact with important people in our lives who made an impact.

That's why Jose Art Chapa is hopeful that the community can help him find his late father's friend.

"My father PFC Faustino R Chapa, was his good friend during World War II. They were stationed together in the Philippines," Chapa said.

Now all Chapa has left of his father's friend is a picture that was probably taken in 1945.

"My father was 28 years old at the time the picture was taken. My dad and I visited Alice, Texas around 1975," Jose Art Chapa said. "My dad and I had gone to look at a deer lease near Falfurrias, and he wanted to see if he could see his old friend. We managed to locate him and him and my dad got to reminisce about their war time experience. My dad died in 1978 at the age of 61 and I had this gentleman’s telephone number and I called him to let him know that his old friend passed away."

Jose Art Chapa who is 73 years old now hopes that someone can help him remember his father's friend.

PFC Faustino R Chapa (left), and Chapa's friend (right). PFC Chapa's son is in search of his father's friend.

"Unfortunately and with much regrets, in my old age, I cannot remember his name. I came across this old photo and I would like to add it to the family genealogy tree, but I would like to complete it with this gentleman’s name who honorably served his country. I, my brother and cousins all Chapas served during the Vietnam War, so I am kind of partial to veterans."

Jose Art Chapa is asking for anyone that can help him to call him at 956-572-6996.