Human smuggling operation leads to arrest of two men

Melissa Cantu Trevino
Alice Echo News Journal

BENAVIDES - Two men, Amado G. Trevino Jr. and Tomas Mosqueda Ybanez, were arrested Monday, March 29 in connection with a smuggling operation.

Benavides Police Department along with the Duval County Sheriff's Department conducted an investigation that led to a traffic stop that resulted in the discovery of 10 undocumented immigrants and two United States citizens, said Benavides Police Chief Corey Martinez.

Trevino is reported to be from Kingsville and Ybanez is a resident of George West.

10 undocumented immigrants along with two US citizens were apprehended Monday near Benavides.

Police observed the vehicle inside the City of Benavides and attempted to conducted a traffic stop as the SUV traveled towards San Diego. The vehicle did not stop and led officers on a pursuit. The vehicle came to a stop approximately four miles east of Benavides on Highway 359.

Amado G. Trevino Jr.

One of the undocumented immigrants was a minor. They were from Ecuador, Honduras and Mexico, and released to the United States Border Patrol.

Trevino and Ybanez were charged with engaging in organized crime, a first degree felony, and smuggling of persons, a second degree felony. The men were booked into the Duval County jail.

Tomas Mosqueda Ybanez