Alice High School teacher gets mullet as incentive for student attendance

Alice ISD
Alice HS teacher, James Shipp, get a 'mullet' haircut as part of a deal with freshman student on attendance.

Alice High School automotive technology teacher James Shipp recently got a "mullet" haircut for what he considers a worthwhile cause.

"Julian (Aldaco) had been showing up virtually and he had started, sometimes, coming in person. He said 'Sir, you ought to cut your hair like mine.' I told him, 'no, I wouldn't do it.' But if he continued to come two weeks before Spring Break, everyday, and then, I would go ahead and cut my hair like his," Shipp said. "I didn't think he'd make it. So he proved me wrong and I will wear this haircut until he misses class again."

James Shipp, AHS teacher, and Julian Aldaco, AHS student, make attendance deal.

Julian Aldaco is a freshman at Alice High School.

"I thought I was going to miss (school) the next day, but he's getting a mullet. We're all going to be mullet boys here," Aldaco said.

Shipp, with the help of Alice HS cosmetology teacher George Holguin, received his mullet. Holguin used the haircut as a teaching tool and had students in-person and online watch as he gave the haircut.

"It's going to be long and luscious, yeah. It's going to look like the Mississippi River. I just come everyday now. Now, he has a good mullet. Good deal," Aldaco said. 

"Shipp," as he's known to his students, said he doesn't mind the haircut, especially if it improves attendance.

"It proves that you need to follow through with what you're doing, what you say you are going to do. That gives a good rapport with the students," he said.