Community voter registration drive as upcoming election nears


Amanda Sue Friedeck wanted to help the Alice community's south side residents become proactive when it comes to voting.

With the upcoming election in May and early voting starting on April 19, Friedeck set up a voter registration drive at Silver Star Food Stores on Saturday, March 20.

Amanda Sue Friedeck hosted a community voter registration drive at Silver Star Food Stores on Saturday, March 20.

The May 1 election ballot will include City of Alice Mayor and city council, and the Alice Independent School District.

Candidates for Alice Mayor are:

  • Daniel D. Benavides
  • Cynthia A. Carrasco

Candidates for Alice city council are:

Place 1

  • Pete H. Crisp (Incumbent)
  • Robert Regino

Place 2

  • Ron Burke (Incumbent)
  • Carlos S. Hamilton
  • Mauricio A. Garza II

Place 3

  • Mario A. Herrera Jr.
  • Henry Perez
  • Sandra Maldonado - Bowen (Incumbent)

Place 4

  • Robert Molina (Incumbent)

Alice ISD school board members are:

Place 2

  • Ben Salinas Jr. (Incumbent)

Place 3

  • Albert Molina (Incumbent)
  • Octavio "Toby" Flores Jr.

Place 6

  • Herman Arellano III

Place 7

  • Margarito "Maggie" Perez Jr. (Incumbent)

“It is the right of our citizens to make their own choice on any ballot available during an election cycle. Voter turnout is critical and so important when it comes to all levels of government and how they function,” Friedeck said.

Jim Wells County has around 40,000 citizens, and within the City of Alice reside about half of them.

During the General Election in 2020, she was surprised to learn that only about 25,000 people were registered to vote. Even more surprising, only about half of the registered voters actually show up to the polls in the average election, she said.

Alice citizens registered to vote during community voter registration drive.

With this information gathered from the Secretary of State’s Office, Friedeck found herself motivated to host events all around the county.

Throughout Saturday morning, Friedeck discussed why it is every citizen’s individual responsibility and American duty to be registered voters. Friedeck received feedback from the community about their own stories and experiences when voting in past elections, she said.

To learn more about voting, go to VOTETEXAS.GOV and if interested in attending or helping to host a similar event, message Amanda Sue Friedeck on Silver Star Food Stores’ Facebook page.