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Plain view narcotics led to search

On Tuesday, March 9, a traffic stop was conducted after the driver, later identified as Natalie Estrada, on East Third and North Texas Boulevard for a routine traffic violation. When the officer approached the vehicle he observed an open container of alcohol and a bag of Xanax pills. Estrada gave the officer consent to search the vehicle that led to the discovery of marijuana and a glass pipe. She was taken to the JWC jail. At the jail, correctional officers discovered Estrada had concealed on her two bags of crystal meth and a bag of Xanax. Estrada was booked on two counts of possession of a controlled substance.

Alice Police Department

Traffic stop

A traffic stop led to the arrest of Levi DeLaGarza on Monday, March 8 near the intersection of Fifth and Cameron. DeLaGarza was asked to step out of the vehicle. When the officer was to pat DeLaGarza down for officer safety, DeLaGarza told him he had a knife. DeLaGarza also turned over a glass pipe and a bag that contained several other bags with orange pills. During a search of the vehicle, the officer found crystal meth and a scale. Before DeLaGarza was transferred to the JWC jail, he told the officer she had an bag of crystal meth in his pocket. He was booked into the jail for manufacturing and delivery of a controlled substance.

Crack cocaine seized in traffic stop

While on patrol on South Almond Street Cpl. Albert Stout observed a vehicle traveling at a high speed on Monday, March 8. The officer made contact with Eliseo Everett. Everett gave the officer consent to search the vehicle which led to the discovery of a bag that contained crack cocaine tucked in between the driver seat and the middle console.

Woman punched in the face

Ruben Gomez was arrested on Saturday, March 6 near the 600 block of East Fourth Street. Police arrived at the location and spoke with the victim who said Gomez had stopped by her place and began to argue with the landlord. She also said that during the argument the witness had spoken to police and Gomez punched her in the face wanting to know what she told the officers. Gomez was transported to the JWC jail. He was charged with assault causing bodily injury.

Couple arrested for destroying hotel room

Police received a call Friday, March 5, from a local hotel on the 800 block of South Highway 281 that claimed they rented out a room and the renters had destroyed the room. Officers made contact with Dominic Hernandez and Sandra Alaniz at a business across the street. They told police they got into an argument and Hernandez admitted to throwing things around the room. The couple was arrested for criminal mischief and transported to the JWC jail.


Amanda Lazo was arrested Friday, March 5 after a traffic stop near South Adams and San Diego Streets. When the officer made contact with Lazo, she seemed nervous and stated that she was going back to jail. Lazo told the officer she didn't have a license, insurance and was on a ankle monitor for smuggling undocumented immigrants. A search of the vehicle led to the discovery of two bags that contained a total of 18 Xanax pills. Lazo said they belonged to her sister who is having trouble coping with the recent loss of their mother. Lazo was arrested and taken to the JWC jail. She was charged with possession of a controlled substance.

Source: Alice police reports