Agua Dulce High School athletes participate in powerlifting meet


Agua Dulce High School powerlifting athletes participated in recent meets and advancing to a meet on March 6 in Mathis.

Girls will be competing in the Regional Powerlifting Meet:

Girls are Natalie Lopez,  Joanna Flores and Kirstyn Garza.

Pictured (L-R): Natalie Flores, Kirstyn Garza, Joanna Flores

Boys are Michael Benavides,  Noah Estrada, Ethan Cavazos, Eduardo Hernandez, Nemo Jacobo, Donald Mann, Carlos Vinton, Peter Castro, Jake Torres, Santos Castillo, Jesse Perez, Roland Guerra and Fabien Castilleja.

Boys the new powerlifting meet on Friday, March 12.

Pictred from January 21st Meet in Freer (L-R): Noah Estrada, Eduardo Hernandez, Superintendent RIchard Wright, Carlos Vinton, Donald Mann, Victor Espinosa, Jesse Perez, Ethan Cavazos, Jake Torrez, Roland Guerra, Michael Benavides, Santos Castillo, Peter Castro, Fabian, Castilleja, Coach Melissa Ybarra, Coach Noel Estrada.