Alice Coyote Cheer Team holds award ceremony


The Alice Coyote Cheer team held an awards ceremony and dinner on Monday, March 1.

Awards were given as follows: 

#1 Manager - Alaney Edwards

Outstanding Cheerleader - Liandra Mendoza

Most Attentive - Kristin Neal

Best Smile - Cameron Timmons

Most Tenacious - Ariana Delgado

Most Versatile - Dana Solis

Best Team Player- Leah Rios

Best Stunt technique - Raquel Salas

Sharpest Motions - Andrea Rivera

Most Energetic - Jonathan Escalona

Best Voice Projection - Jalyssa Guzman

Outstanding Tumbling - Lexi Hernandez

Outstanding Dancer - Leiya Vasquez

Outstanding Jumps - Mia Cardona

Most Spirited - Jade Benavidez

Most Dedicated - Kendall Leal

Most Improved - Chloe Gomez

Fighting Heart - Alanus Garcia

Outstanding Role Model - Mia Longoria

Exemplary Leadership - Tina Abrigo

All Around Performer - Bria Escobar

ICON - Kaitlyn Trafton

Team voted Alice High School Cheer Sweetheart - Mia Cardona

Kaitlyn Trafton - ICON Award
Bria Escobar - All Around Performer
Kristina Abrigo - Exemplary Leadership
Mia Longoria - Outstanding Role Model
Raquel Salas - Best Stunt Technique
Alanus Garcia - Fighting Heart
Mia Cardona - Outstanding Jumps
Chloe Gomez - Most Improved
Kendall Leal - Most Dedicated
Jade Benavidez - Most Spirited
Leiya Vasquez - Outstanding Dancer
Lexi Hernandez - Outstanding Tumbling
Jalyssa Guzman - Best Voice Projection
Jonathan Escalona- Most Energetic
Andrea Rivera - Sharpest Motions
Leah Rios - Best Team Player
Dana Solis - Most Versatile
Dana Solis - Most Versatile
Kristin Neal - Most Attentive
Liandra Mendoza - Outstanding Cheerleader
Cameron Timmons - Best Smile