Bridging Families

Melissa Cantu Trevino
Alice Echo News Journal

This week’s Bridging Families is a set five siblings looking for a family to grow into.

Alvinaa, Jordan, Renessmee, Madalynn and their brother Keanu are hoping they can stay together in a new forever family.

Alvinaa, Jordan, Renessmee, Madalynn and their brother Keanu are hoping they can stay together in a new forever family.

The youngest of the sibling group is Alvinaa who is a sweet one-year baby girl. Alvinaa enjoys playing with teddy bears and dolls. Alviinaa is a curious baby who loves to explore and follow her older siblings when playing. Alviinaa loves pets and is very affectionate with them, especially dogs. 

Keanu is a joyful and friendly 3-year-old boy. Keanu enjoys making new friends and meeting new people. Keanu loves everything dinosaurs including dressing up in dinosaur clothing and playing with dinosaur toys. Keanu is very protective of his sisters, especially his baby sister.

Renessmee is a cheerful and outgoing four-year-old girl. Renessmee loves to dress up with dresses, bows and to wear jewelry. Renessmee loves doing arts and crafts, including candy jewelry. Renessme loves playing with Disney dolls and watching Disney movies with her siblings.

Madalynn can be a little timid, but is a loving five-year-old girl. Once Madalynn gets comfortable around someone new, she shows her firecracker personality. Madalynn is goofy and the jokester of the bunch. Madalynn loves to dress up like her sisters and always wants to be in a dress and with her hair done.

Jordan is very nurturing, caring, seven-year-old who as a big sister is protective of her younger siblings. Jordan loves playing in the outdoors with her brother and sisters in activities such as swinging in the swing sets. Jordan loves to always be dressed up in nice dresses and to put on anything girly girl related just as her sisters.

Together these siblings are ready for a mother and father who are active, who have room not only in their home, but hearts as well, to parent these siblings as they all grow up in a safe loving forever family.

If you think you could be a forever family for this sibling group, or another Texas child, please contact the department at 1-800-233-3405, for more information about adoption or visit

Basic Requirements

  • The prospective foster/adoptive parents may be single or married and must:
  • be at least 21 years of age, financially stable, and responsible mature adults,
  • complete an application (staff will assist you, if you prefer),
  • share information regarding their background and lifestyle,
  • provide relative and non-relative references,
  • show proof of marriage and/or divorce (if applicable),
  • agree to a home study which includes visits with all household members,
  • allow staff to complete a criminal history background check and an abuse/neglect check on all adults in the household, and
  • attend free training to learn about issues of abused and neglected children.