Teen of the Week - Trafton

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Kaitlyn Trafton

Parents: Jason and Lori Trafton

Kaitlyn Trafton

Educational or Future Plans:

I plan on attending Texas State University in San Marcos, Tx. where I plan to earn my bachelors degree in nursing. I aspire to either become a neonatal RN, or to eventually pursue a career as a nurse practitioner.

Clubs and Officer Positions:

AHS Cheer Captain (varsity member 3 years), HOSA Reporter, and National Honor Society member, Operation Graduation, Lady Coyotes Athletics, Varsity Soccer


AHS Cheer Captain, Homecoming Queen, 3 Year Varsity Cheerleader, All- American Cheerleader

What the best advice given to you and who gave it to you?

The best advice that I have ever received came from my mother. She has always told me to work for the life that you want. Life is full of choices, so always make good ones.

Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years?

Hopefully, I have completed my undergrad and obtained my degree, as well as being enrolled in nursing school. I am hoping to become more independent and established as a student.

If you could change anything about the world, what would it be, and why?

I wish that I could change the problems of racism and hatred in this world. It often feels so cold and divided, that it would be amazing to see more people be accepting of one another, and realize how life can be so much easier when united. If you really stop and think, we are much more alike than different. We all want the same things out of life, and we should all be treated equally.

If you could invite 3 people to dinner, who would it be, and why?

I would want to invite Kim Kardashian because of how iconic she is, and how successful she has become. She has branded herself as an incredibly savvy businesswoman, and made an amazing life for herself. Mac Miller would be another one of my guests because of his ability to make others feel better. His music has impacted so many people, and I could honestly listen to his music all day long. Unfortunately, he passed away a few years ago, and I would love to ask him a million questions about his life and music. Lastly, I would invite Ian Somerhalder. He starred in a show called “The Vampire Diaries”, and I have been obsessed with the show since I

was in the fifth grade. I would be so interested to know more about the show, and what went down behind the scenes. Ian, who played “Damon Salvatore” on the show will forever be my favorite celebrity crush. Favorites:


Food- Chicken fried rice from Takeniwa

Book- The Giver

Movie- Scary Movie 2

Town in Texas- San Antonio

Vacation Spot- Disney World