Freezing temperatures, power outages, and energy conservation: Actions to take

Alice Echo News Journal

Over the next few days, freezing temperatures across Texas are expected to create record-breaking electricity demand. With higher-than-normal generation outages due to frozen wind turbines and solar panels coupled with limited natural gas supplies, it’s important to conserve and reduce electricity during high usage times.

In support of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas’ (ERCOT) request for energy conservation, Reliant is also calling on Texans to reduce their electricity usage until Tuesday, Feb. 16, especially between the hours of 6-10 p.m. and 5-9 a.m.


  • Reliant is sharing the following energy conservation tips for Texas residential customers, regardless of their electricity provider:
  •  Set your thermostat four degrees lower to help conserve. For every degree above 68°, you can expect a 3-5% increase in your heating costs.
  • Avoid using large electric appliances like the clothes washer/dryer or dishwasher during the early morning or late evening, when temperatures are coldest and demand for electricity is highest. Consider running these appliances during mid-day when there’s less demand for power.  
  •  Close heat escape routes. Be mindful of how often you’re opening entry doors and using bathroom or utility room ventilation fans and ensure the damper on your fireplace is closed when not in use, as heat can escape from your home through these outlets.
  •   Set your ceiling fan to rotate clockwise. This helps force warm air down from the ceiling into the room to create a more comfortable environment.
  • Close blinds and shades to reduce the amount of heat lost through windows.

Customers can also visit for more information on ways to conserve.

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