2021 AISD Regional Science Fair Finalists

Melissa Cantu Trevino
Alice Echo News Journal

Alice ISD recently held their district science fair and sent their winners to the regional level. The regional finalists were recently notified of their achievements.

Finalists for the 2021 Regional Science Fair were:


  • Antonio Lopez, Schallert Elementary with What's Poppin.
  • Raul Zayn Ochoa, Salazar Elementary with Ice Ice Baby.

First grade

  • Zabdiel Charles, Noonan Elementary with Is it Really Clean.
  • Sebastian Hinojosa, Salazar Elementary with Slime Time.
  • Aidyn Maldonado, Saenz Elementary with Color and Taste.
  • Lorenzo Charles, Noonan Elementary with Does Color Affect the Choice of your Favorite Candy.

Second grade

  • Mila Sanchez, Schallert Elementary with Make Sense.
  • Cody Almendarez, Saenz Elementary with Milk and Cookies.
  • Connor McIntyre, Hillcrest Elementary with Mentos Explosion.
  • Zoe Ochoa, Salazar Elementary with Let there be Light.
  • Joaquin Torres, Noonan Elementary with Batteries not Included.

Third grade

  • Aiden Arizmendi, Schallert Elementary with The Great Soda Eruption.
  • Julissa Bernal, Noonan Elementary with What liquid gives your bath bomb more boom.
  • Ariana Ramirez, Noonan Elementary with Roll with Static Electricity.

Fourth grade

  • Alivia Maldonado, Saenz Elementary with Moving Molecules.
  • Camila Garza, Noonan Elementary with Instant Ice.
  • Jesus Del Bosque, Noonan Elementary with Fizz Fizz Fizz.
  • Alexa Vera, Saenz Elementary with Bubb Bubb Bubbling.
  • Mary Benavides, Noonan Elementary with Skittle Power.
  • Abraham Aguilar, Saenz Elementary with Tusk Mush.

Fifth grade

  • Brayden Fernandez, Memorial Intermediate with Slippery Shoes.
  • Alberto Ibanez, Dubose Intermediate with Cups Cups and MORE Cups.
  • Lauren Garcia, Memorial Intermediate with Eat the Sun.
  • Justin Valadez, Memorial Intermediate with Chocolate Fever.
  • Andres Flores, Memorial Intermediate with Floating Prisms.
  • Ryan Mapes, Memorial Intermediate with Light or Darkness for Worms.
  • Juliana Farias, Memorial Intermediate with Do YOu Remember.

Sixth grade

  • Micah Torres, Dubose Intermediate with Comparing Absorption Power of Various Types of Cat Litter.
  • Eli Walker, Dubose Intermediate with Bot-Tac-Toe: Examining Artificial Intelligence Algorithms.
  • Natasha Gonzalez, Memorial Intermediate with The Race to Melt.
  • Jeremy Gonzalez, Memorial Intermediate with Wooden Bat or Aluminum Bat.
  • Nickolas Garcia, Memorial Intermediate with Shine Bright.

Seventh grade

  • Jose Salinas Jr., William Adams Middle School with WAT-ER THE DIFFERENCES.
  • Emily Rivadeneyra, William Adams Middle School with Want a COld One.
  • Kenli Atwood, William Adams Middle School with Greenhouse Effect.
  • Aubrey Garcia, William Adams Middle School with Strengthen my WIFI.
  • Anessa Flores, William Adams Middle School with MILK INTO PLASTIC.

Eighth grade

  • Kiera Cantu, William Adams Middle School with Do You Really Know What You're Drinking?
  • Kaitlyn Goldman, William Adams Middle School with Did Covid-19 Affect Your Heart Rate?
  • Olivia Garza, William Adams Middle School with Got Fresh Air?

High School

  • Isela Torres, Alice High School with Double Vision Dice Matching Probability.
  • Lucas Walker, Alice High School with Algorithmic Evaluation.