Upgrades to the San Diego Rotary Park Pavilion complete

Melissa Cantu Trevino
Alice Echo News Journal

SAN DIEGO - Upgrades to the San Diego Rotary Park pavilion have been ongoing thanks to a $125,000 grant from the Wyatt Foundation. As of Friday the renovation project that included upgrades such as modifications to the exterior of the building, the roof and the arena is 100 percent complete.

Rotary Park pavilion renovation project completed.

The Wyatt Foundation approved the grant that would assist the organization in a renovation project that would improve not only the visual appeal, but also the animal corrals for better care and animal safety.

Sandblasting and stucco was done to the Rotary pavilion meeting room.
Welders were brought to the Rotary Park in San Diego to help with steer corrals.

The Wyatt Foundation and the Wyatt Ranches have been a staple in the success of the Duval County Fair. The last two years the Wyatt Ranches have broken records in the purchase of the grand champion steers.

The arena at the Rotary Park pavilion was given a facelift with new premier and paint.

Rotarians with the San Diego Rotary Club thank the Wyatt Foundation and the Wyatt Ranches not only for the support to their organization, but to the students who participate in the annual fair.

The 2020 Duval County Fair that was scheduled for March was canceled due to COVID-19.