Teen of the Week - Hoang

Melissa Cantu Trevino
Alice Echo News Journal

Name: Jennyfer Hoang

Jennyfer Hoang

Parents: Xinh Hoang, Dung Ho ∙

Educational or Future Plans:

I plan to graduate from Alice High School with a distinguished level of achievement. Then, I plan on attending Texas A&M University at College Station, College of Engineer.

Clubs and Officer Positions :

I am currently the president of Student Council, and its secretary last year. I am also an active member in Decathlon, National Honors Society, Robotics club, Math UIL, and choir.

Accomplishments/Honors :

I am currently ranked in the top 10 of my class. I placed in the first division solo competition.

What was the best advice you ever received? Who gave you the advice?

“Do or do not, there is no try.” Yoda, from Star Wars

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself getting my master’s degree in computer science and becoming a computer and information research scientist.

If you could change anything about this world, what would it be and why?

I wouldn’t want to change anything, I believe everything happens for a reason. Therefore, I fear my action will have its consequences.

If you could invite 3 people to dinner (other than relatives), who would they be and why?

If I could invite anyone to dinner, I would invite Nikola Tesla, Stephen Hawking, and George Lucas. Nikola Tesla had invented many things that we still use today. I find myself fascinated by his inventions and outlook about the world around us. Stephen Hawking’s Hartle-Hawking state theory was one of my favorites to read about. Lastly, George Lucas because I love Star Wars. I think it would be interesting to hear what these three people would talk about.


Food: Thai Chicken Coconut Curry

Book: The Other Side of the Sky

Movie: About Time

Town in Texas: Alice

Vacation Spot: Cypress Valley

Editor's Note: Teen of the Week is nominated by Alice ISD faculty and is selected by an Alice ISD faculty review committee. In the years past this recognition meant a chance to receive a scholarship from the Alice Echo - News Journal. However, due to the coronavirus and changes made to the Alice Echo - News Journal the scholarship is unavailable this year.