Investigators inquire on alleged threat against home health employee

Melissa Cantu Trevino
Alice Echo News Journal

Alice police, Jim Wells County Attorney's Office and the District Attorney's Office are investigating an alleged terroristic threat that recently occurred at a home health business on the 2000 block of North Johnson Street.

Police were called to the business in reference to an unwanted woman on location. When police arrived they made contact with the two business owners who are currently in a distribute being held in civil court. 

The male owner told police that he had fired an employee and that he wanted her off the property. However, the female owner told police that she wanted the employee working at the business therefore for co-owner could not fire the employee.

Through the course of the investigation, police were told that they business partners had just left a court hearing and the male owner "was not happy with the judge's outcome," said the police report.

An audio recording was played for officers where the male owner is heard saying "he had a license to carry a firearm" and that "he was going to pull it out and use it," report states.

The male owner denied taking his gun out. A witness to the verbal altercation told police she did not observe the owner pull out his gun.

No arrest was made at the time.

According to Carlos Garcia, JWC District Attorney, due to conflicting reports and the initial case being a civil matter, the case is being carefully investigated by the three entities.