Duval County residents receive COVID-19 vaccine

Melissa Cantu Trevino
Alice Echo News Journal

SAN DIEGO - On Thursday, 330 coronavirus vaccines were given out to Duval County residents who met the phase 1A and 1B requirements.

The COVID-19 vaccine site was a closed site, according to Elizabeth Cuevas with the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS).

The state determines if a vaccination site will be closed or open to the public, said Sally Lichtenberg, Duval County Emergency Management Coordinator.

County officials were notified on Tuesday that the Modern vaccines and state officials would arrive in the following days. In order for the site to happen, Lichtenberger had to present DSHS with a list of approved and qualified individuals from the county to Dr. Emilie Prot, Regional Medical Director with the DSHS. 

There also had to be an alternate list in case there were any cancellations the day the vaccine was to be distributed. 

Lichtenberger and other county officials partnered with the San Diego Pharmacy to determine who could possibly be on the list. 

The pharmacy had been distributing the vaccine to first responders for approximately three weeks and had prepared a list of people who could receive the vaccine when the state officials began the vaccine's 1B phase, Lichtenberger said.

Those on the list were called and registered if they met the requirements. 

Lichtenberger said that some individuals on the list were called but were not registered because they did not answer, had received the vaccine at another site, or could not due to an illness.

Everyone who was arrived to get the vaccine had to be on the list and show proof that they met the requirements, county officials said.

Those who received the vaccine will have to get the second dose in February. However, there is no set date for the vaccines to be administered. 

Lichtenberger said that she wants to have vaccines available for everyone in the county, but how many vaccines or when they would arrive is determined solely by the state.