Turning 104, living every moment with family and love

Melissa Cantu Trevino
Alice Echo News Journal

Every year we grow wiser while we enjoy the comforts of our family and friends. This is especially true for Maria Garcia Cardona who is about to turn 104.

Cardona is a pillar in her family and remembers every part of her hundreds years plus, said her granddaughter Norma Valero.

"There's no secret to a long life," Cardona told her family. "I have had a life surrounded by family and friends. No actual secret just a life with family and lots of love."

Maria Garcia Cardona will turn 104 years young.

Cardona did say that when she was younger, her family grew their own vegetables which may be a factor to her long life. She lived in the kitchen always cooking for her family and anyone that would visit her. When she was younger, she enjoyed attending the Alice Coyotes football games even when she didn't have a relative playing, Valero said.

"You just can't get anything by her. She remembers her neighbors as a child and loves to tell her family about the changes she's encountered throughout the years everything from technology advances to the simple things in life like food and sewing," Valero said. 

Due to Cardona's age and the coronavirus (COVID-19) her outdoor activities have been limited her safety reasons. This year, the family decided to have a honk parade to celebrate for her birthday.

Cardona's family and friends are planning a honk parade where they will drive by her home with balloons and signs wishing her the happiest of birthdays. 

Cardona was born in Beeville to Santos Garcia and Maria Reyna Garcia. Her family moved to Alice when her father relocated for work and she has been in Alice ever since. She married Julio Cardona and together they raised her three children who blessed them with 11 grandchildren, 24 great-grandchildren and 31 great-great-grandchildren. She has outlived her husband, two daughters, two son-in-laws, all her siblings, a grandson and great-grandson.