CHRISTUS Spohn Hospitals Alice, Beeville, and Kleberg Encouraging Patience as Vaccine Roll Out Continues in South Texas


CHRISTUS Spohn Hospitals Alice, Beeville, and Kleberg understand the importance of administering COVID vaccines to those who need it most, including our vulnerable populations. At this time, our hospitals have successfully administered vaccines to frontline health care workers, resulting in the depletion of allotments provided by the State of Texas. We anticipate a future allotment, and will continue our efforts to vaccinate people who fall into Phase 1A as defined by the state.

Once the allotment arrives, our ministry will remain focused on fulfilling all scheduled appointments and provide vaccinations to our health care workers, including those who are due for their second dose of the vaccine. Having a commitment to being good stewards of these resources, our ministry has occasionally administered doses to those in Phase 1B or to first responders. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee that those who walk up will receive a vaccine – even if they are in the prioritized groups of Tier 1B: people who are 65 years of age and older and those over 16 with at least one chronic medical condition.

To ensure the distribution process does not overwhelm both our community members and our hospitals, we encourage people not to walk up to our hospitals for vaccine clinics or to call the facilities for more information.

We are aware of the guidance provided by the state encouraging providers to administer vaccines to Phase 1B, including people 65 years of age and older and those adults with co-morbidities. However, our ministry has diligently worked to turn the process for vaccinating people in Phase 1B over to CHRISTUS Promptu Urgent Care, located in the Shops at La Palmera in Corpus Christi. The Urgent Care facility is better prepared to provide this type of care to large groups of the public, and helps our health care workers who continue to provide excellent, compassionate care on the front lines of this pandemic for our patients with COVID and other medical needs.

At this time, vaccination appointments at the Urgent Care for those in Phase 1B are full. Members of Phase 1B are encouraged to check back regularly for open appointments, as more vaccine supply becomes available from the state.

Visit the hospital website at to learn more and request an appointment.