Robstown ISD, Tuloso-Midway ISD and Nueces County Public libraries team up to modernize reading and literacy through Ebooks and E-audiobooks

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Robstown ISD, Tuloso-Midway ISD team up and Nueces County Public Libraries to modernize reading and literacy through Ebooks and E-audiobooks

In this mobile age, technology has become increasingly valuable in supporting new generations of lifelong learners and readers. Now, Robstown Independent School District (ISD), Tuloso-Midway Independent School District (ISD) and Nueces County Public Libraries have formed an innovative new partnership to increase access to more ebooks and e-audiobooks for students.

This unique collaboration strives to promote literacy and digital learning by combining the schools’ and the library’s digital reading resources in one app. As a result, students can learn anytime, anywhere because of the convenience, ease of reading on-the-go and the inherent popularity of technology.

"Robstown ISD Libraries are excited to join the partnership with other school districts in Region 2 and Nueces County Public Libraries,” said Jessica McComb, RISD District Librarian. “We want to be able to provide all students in our district equitable access to literacy. Now, more than ever, it truly takes a team to continue providing students everywhere the opportunities to continue being successful in their academics."

The school-library partnership provides safe access to thousands of age-appropriate titles for students’ use inside the classroom, at home and anywhere 24/7. Through Sora, the new student reading app for Robstown ISD and Tuloso-Midway ISD, students can now borrow the school’s collection of classroom and pleasure reading, and also access Nueces County Public Libraries’ juvenile and young adult digital collection. In addition, Sora supports teachers by offering education-specific tools like achievements, exportable notes, and reading progress that encourage individualized learning.

Ida Garza, Nueces County Public Library Director, stated, “We want to provide equitably access to library materials and this partnership will help us enable and achieve that.”

A third-grade student at Tuloso-Midway Intermediate School added, "I like using Sora because it's like going to a real library but you don't need to wear a mask while using it."

The Sora app was named one of TIME’s Best Inventions 2019 and is available for Robstown ISD and Tuloso-Midway ISD students to download through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, and on Chromebooks that support the Google Play Store. It is also available for use in web browsers at on any computer.

Since Nueces County Public Libraries is a member of South Texas Library System, the entire Nueces County community can also borrow and read South Texas Library System’s complete ebook and e-audiobook collection. With a valid library card from Nueces County Public Libraries and the award-winning Libby app, patrons can enjoy thousands of ebooks and e-audiobooks including bestsellers and new releases. Readers of all ages can select from virtually every subject ranging from mystery, romance, children’s, business and more. Libby can be used on any major device or computer, including Apple (R), Android™, Chromebook™ and Kindle(R) (US only).

Both reading apps are built by OverDrive and OverDrive Education. To learn more, visit and