Firefighters train with lifesaving equipment

Melissa Cantu Trevino
Alice Echo News Journal

SAN DIEGO - Firefighters from the area took time out of their Sunday to get additional training on modern extrication techniques. The free training was hosted by the San Diego Fire Department with the Genesis Rescue and MV Fire Rescue crews. 

Firefighters had the opportunity to work on their skills, discuss new extraction techniques and consider tips for up-to-date instruction.

The training is essential for firefighters, new and old, as they may encounter an accident where these techniques will help save lives, according to SD Fire Chief Juan Soliz. 

Every vehicle and every accident is different; these techniques would give firefighters the knowledge to do a safer and quicker extraction, Soliz said. 

Firefighters from San Diego, La Garto and Orange Grove attended the training.

Firefighters train on extraction techniques.
Gary Klaus, president from Genesis Rescue Systems teaches firefighters with life saving equipment.