Wyatt Ranches helps fund JWC Criminal Investigation program

Alice Echo News Journal

The Wyatt Ranches Foundation donated $150,000,00 to the Jim Wells County Sheriffs Department to help fund an investigator's position under the Criminal Investigation Division program. 

"The Jim Wells County Sheriff’s Office and I would like to extend a sincere appreciation to the board members of the Wyatt Ranches Foundation," stated Jim Wells County Sheriff Daniel J. Bueno on the Department's Facebook page. 

Jim Wells County Sheriff Daniel J. Bueno, Chief Deputy Louie Valadez and Captain Rolando Barrera met with the board members of the Wyatt Ranches Foundation to request the grant funding. The request was for $150,000.00 to fund one of the investigator’s position. The investigator is assigned to the Criminal Investigations Division and handles different types of criminal cases in the county; and, these cases often extend to other jurisdictions when the property is recovered or when crimes are solved.

During the meeting, Sheriff Bueno presented statistics and was asked various questions regarding the program by the board members. Shortly after the presentation, the Jim Wells County Sheriff’s Office was awarded $150,000.00 to continue funding the program as needed.

Jim Wells County Sheriff's Office